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Student practicing architecture skills by designing a house.

AutoCAD Certificate of Completion


Credential: Certificate (non-credit)
Available: Continuing Education Classroom or Online

Program Description

AutoCAD skills are the foundation of rewarding careers in a range of industries from architecture and engineering to interior design. With these four courses you'll become an expert in both two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) computer-assisted drafting using AutoCAD software, enabling you to create, capture and showcase your designs with impact.

Program Overview

Your Career

  • Junior Draftsperson
  • AutoCAD Technician
  • AutoCAD Operator

Canada-Alberta Job Grant This program is eligible for Canada-Alberta Job Grant funding.


You have up to five years to complete all certificate courses. You must meet the graduation requirements as they exist at the time you register for your first course (see AC.3.1.1 Grading and Progression).

CADD Fundamentals CADD-111 Classroom or Online
AutoCAD I CADD-112 Classroom or Online
AutoCAD II CADD-113 Classroom or Online
AutoCAD III CADD-114 Classroom or Online

AutoCAD course codes have changed effective Fall 2017. The previous courses are considered equivalent, including CADD System Management I (CADD-241), AutoCAD I (CADD-201), AutoCAD II (CADD-202) and AutoCAD III (CADD-303).