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Students review building codes.

Construction Management Certificate of Achievement


Credential: Certificate (non-credit)
Available: Continuing Education Classroom or Online

Program Description

In the construction industry, there's a growing need for trained professionals to play leadership roles on project teams. If you're already employed in the field, this certificate provides the technical background needed to tackle these managerial opportunities. The program can be completed online and includes five foundational courses followed by four courses in either a residential or commercial stream. If you're looking to land an entry-level manager, trades supervisor or estimator position, our knowledgeable instructors and relevant programming will give you the skills and knowledge you need to take your career to the next level.

Careers: Construction Manager | Site Supervisor | Construction Planner


There are no entrance requirements for this program. You can begin registering for courses anytime by clicking a course name or calling 403-284-7248. Once you have registered for at least one course and have a SAIT student ID number, consider filling out and submitting the Program Declaration Form to the Office of the Registrar. Contact information for the Office of the Registrar is located in the upper corner of the form.

You have up to five years to complete all certificate courses. You must meet the graduation requirements as they exist at the time you register for your first course (see AC.3.1.1 Grading and Progression).

Reading Plans and Specifications CNST-246 Classroom or Online 
Building Codes CODE-254 Classroom or Online
Introduction to Contracts CIVL-220 Classroom or Online
Construction Safety SFTY-246 Classroom or Online
Technical Communications I COMM-238 Online
Building Moisture Control CNST-227 Online
Residential Construction Fundamentals CSTN-204 Online
Residential Estimating ESTM-207 Online
Residential Project Management MNGT-210 Online
Environmental and Emerging Building Fundamentals ENVS-220 Online
Commercial Construction Fundamentals CSTN-206 Online
Commercial Estimating ESTM-209 Online
Commercial Project Management MNGT-212 Online