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Students perform first aid on patient.

CPR and First Aid Training - Basic


Available: Continuing Education Classroom

Program Description

CPR and first aid training at SAIT will give you the skills you need to react quickly in a medical, cardiac or respiratory emergency.

Our CPR training is offered in partnership with the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada, and meets Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada guidelines.

Our first aid programs are recognized by Alberta Workplace Health and Safety.

SAIT's CPR and first aid classes are taught by health professionals with years of practical experience - ensuring you receive relevant, industry-based training. We offer ongoing introductory and renewal CPR and first aid courses, or customized training to suit your workplace needs.

Call 403.210.4009 for more information on individual or customized training.

Heart & Stroke Training Centre for Southern Alberta Heart and Stroke Foundation

SAIT provides Heart& Stroke life support education materials for certified Heart& Stroke instructional providers. For more information email lse. materials@sait. ca.

TMThe Heart and Stroke Foundation logo and word mark are trademarks of the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada and are used under license.

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Online CPR Training

HeartCode® BLS

HeartCode® BLS is an official, self-directed, comprehensive eLearning program from the Heart and Stroke Foundation (HSF). This program allows students to complete the majority of the BLS for HCP (Level C, CPR) requirements online. Successful completion of Part 1, the online component, allows students to qualify for Parts 2 and 3 (skills practice and testing) with a SAIT HSF BLS Instructor.

Students who are enrolled in the HeartCode BLS online Part 1 will receive online access to the BLS Provider Manual, the 2010 Heart and Stroke Foundation Guidelines for CPR & ECC and the 2010 Handbook of Emergency Cardiovascular Care for Healthcare Providers. Providers will have access to all information in the course for 12 months (one year) following activation of the course key.

HeartCode® BLS Part 1, must be completed within 90 days of initial log-in. Upon successful completion of the online portion, including the written exam, students receive a Certificate of Completion, which must be presented for Parts 2 and 3. In Parts 2 and 3, the student will demonstrate proficiency in providing BLS skills, including prioritizing chest compressions and integrating AED use. Parts 2 and 3 must be completed within 60 days of completing part 1.

Purchase and complete part 1 of HeartCode BLS.

*Please be advised that Part 1 of the HeartCode® BLS online course and all parts therein are the responsibility of the student, including fees, forms, registration etc. SAIT does not administer the online portion, but can deliver Part 2 and 3 of the course. Students must provide the HeartCode BLS Part 1 Certificate of Completion at their skills test (Part 2 and 3).

Heartcode BLS Part 2/3 (CPRS 106) is offered at SAIT to students who have completed HeartCode® BLS Part 1. This skills portion of the course is a maximum of one hour. After successful completion of CPRS 106, students will hold certified qualification in BLS for HCP CPR (Level C), valid for one year from time of completion. Parts 2 and 3 must be completed within 60 days of completing part 1.

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