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Student examines a pipeline intersect in lab.

Petroleum, Power Engineering and Instrumentation General Interest Courses


Available: Continuing Education Classroom or Online

Petroleum Overview PTOV-116 Classroom
Pipeline Data Management DATA-100 Online
Line Locates and Crossings LAND-104 Online
Ground Disturbance PIPE-109 Online
Petroleum Overview PTOV-126 Classroom
The Business of Oil and Gas PTOV-120 Classroom
Computer Skills PETR-126 Online
Hydraulic Fracturing Overview HDFR-101 Classroom
Equipment Maintenance MNTN-101 Online
Overview of the Pipeline Industry PIPE-100 Classroom
Drilling Overview DRLG-130 Classroom
Economics of Oil and Gas PTOV-135 Classroom
Liquid Pipeline Hydraulics HYDR-105 Classroom
Drilling, Completion and Well Intervention DRLG-109 Classroom
Production Operations and Surface Facilities PTPR-209 Classroom
Wellhead Essentials PETR-111 Classroom
Coiled Tubing Essentials PTPR-109 Classroom
Fundamentals of Hydraulic Fracturing HDFR-105 Classroom
Well Integrity Remediation (Remedial Cementing) PTPR-104 Classroom
Applied Nitrogen Science PTPR-117 Classroom
Math Essentials for Pipelines MATH-125 Online
Energy Leadership Skills PERS-200 Online
Oil Sands Overview PTOV-130 Classroom
Communication Skills for Pipeline Operators COMM-187 Online
Industrial Environmental Awareness ENVS-200 Online
Refrigeration Plant Operator RFRG-206 Online
Special Boiler Operator PWEN-236 Online
Instrumentation and Control CNTR-252 Online
Special Oilwell Operator PWEN-275 Online
Liquefied Petroleum Gas Service PETR-290 Online
Pipeline Design & Operations HYDR-110 Classroom