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Cascading Style Sheets - CMPN 266

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Course Description

As our Internet devices become more portable, it's becoming increasingly essential that Web pages be designed in such a way that users can access sites clearly and effectively from a variety of remote devices and Web browsers. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a style of Web language that uses common printing and display terminology to allow HTML and XML authors to control the way Web pages look, regardless of the browsing device. This course in styling web pages with cascading style sheets will explore the CSS2 specification, as well as some topics that are part of the newer CSS3 specification.

Through the use of hands-on projects, code samples, and screen shots, you will create style sheets in real world exercises and master the skills to create effective style sheets on the Web. We'll also cover how to create transitions, animations and we'll discuss responsive design as it pertains to mobile friendly website design. To register, please call 403.284.-7248.

Credits: 0