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Our programs and courses can provide you with the skills sought by employers and even help you prepare for industry certification in your field. We offer flexible evening, weekend and distance/online learning options taught by industry-experienced instructors.  Courses are offered throughout the year.  

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SAIT Continuing Education offers professional certification through flexible on campus and distance learning training courses in business, management and technical programs.

New programs and courses

Construction Estimating Certificate of Achievement
Learn how to analyze costs and prepare precise estimates required for all types of construction projects in commercial and residential sectors, civil engineering and specific trades. Read More
Joint Ventures Certificate of Achievement
This program prepares you for work in the field of Joint Ventures that maximizes and enhances the value of jointly owned assets in the oil and gas industry. Read More
Mobile Application Developer
Learn to create mobile applications for iOS and Android devices through this program that covers the concepts of app development, from architecture requirements to quality assurance. Read More

Continuing Education Programs and Courses

Name Available Offered Credential Status
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Name Course Code Offered Term
Body Systems & Pharmaceutical Implications 4 PHAR 248 Classroom
Body Systems and Health Conditions ANPH 101 Classroom
Body Systems and Pharmaceutical Implications 1 PHAR 214 Classroom
Body Systems and Pharmaceutical Implications 2 PHAR 227 Classroom
Body Systems and Pharmaceutical Implications 3 PHAR 236 Classroom
Bone Mineral Densitometry APPH 110 Online
Brand Management MKTG 306 Classroom or Online
British Columbia Mineral Land Administration LAND 164 Classroom or Online
Building a Team LDSH 162 Classroom
Building Code I CODE 233 Classroom
Building Codes CODE 254 Classroom or Online
Building Collaborative Team Relations MNGT 107 Classroom
Building Leadership Skills LDSH 006 Classroom
Building Moisture Control CNST 227 Classroom or Online
Building Rapport through Teamwork LDSH 002 Classroom
Building Structures I CIVL 2020
Business Analysis for Business Intelligence Applications MMGT 205 Classroom
Business Analytics for Business Intelligence DATA 210 Classroom
Business and Professional Skills for TIM MGMT 280 Classroom
Business Case Management I MNGT 136 Online
Business Case Management II MNGT 137 Classroom
Business Communications COMM 209 Classroom or Online
Business Communications COMM 1030 Classroom
Business Component Development with EJB Technology, Java EE7 CPRG 113 Classroom
Business Development MKTG 366 Classroom or Online
Business Development MKTG 365 Classroom/Online Combinations
Business Imaging Technology MMGT 218 Classroom or Online
Business Imaging Technology MMGT 284 Classroom or Online
Business Intelligence Architecture and Design DATA 212 Classroom
Business Intelligence for Performance Management DATA 211 Classroom
Business Intelligence Practicum PRAC 249 Classroom
Business Law BLAW 300 Classroom or Online
Business Law BLAW 205 Classroom or Online
Business Leadership LDSH 360 Classroom or Online
Business Mathematics BMAT 230 Classroom or Online
Business of Digital Audio Production AUDI 216 Classroom
Business Planning SCMT 128 Classroom
Business Process Management MNGT 203 Classroom
Business Productivity Tools and Technology BCMP 225 Classroom or Online
Business Protocols in a Global Market MNGT 109 Classroom
Business Software Foundations BCMP 220 Classroom
Business Studies OADM 211 Classroom
Business Writing Essentials WRIT 101 Classroom
Business Writing for Results WRIT 208 Classroom or Online
Butchery for Hunters MEAT 108 Classroom
Butter Cream Basics BAKE 162 Classroom
Cabinet Installation CSTN 158 Classroom
Cabinet Installer Principles CSTN 108 Classroom
Cabinet Making Fundamentals CBMK 201 Classroom
Cabinet Making I CBMK 206 Classroom
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