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Whether you’re looking to advance your career or develop new skills, our part-time, fast-track and online courses can help you grow. Through business, construction, technologies or any of our other industry-driven options, you’ll gain hands-on experience and know-how needed to make your mark.

Our classroom, online or blended delivery options provide you with the flexibility to learn where and when you choose. You can take courses individually, or as part of a certificate, diploma, degree or applied degree program. 

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SAIT Continuing Education offers professional certification through flexible on campus and distance learning training courses in business, management and technical programs.
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Continuing Education Programs and Courses

Name Available Offered Credential Status
Welding General Courses Continuing Education Classroom
Windows Server Certificate of Achievement Continuing Education Classroom Certificate (non-credit)
Wireless Networking Certificate of Completion Continuing Education Classroom Certificate (non-credit)
Worker Safety Management Certificate of Achievement Continuing Education Online Certificate (non-credit)
2 3 4
Name Course Code Offered Term
Be the Detective! (Gr. 4-6) YCMP 023 Classroom
Bean to Bar BAKE 190 Classroom
Beginner Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (TIG welding) WELD 204 Classroom
Being a Safety Leader SAFE 246 Classroom
Bibliographic Description and Access I LIBR 202 Classroom or Online
Bibliographic Description and Access II LIBR 252 Classroom or Online
Bibliographic Description and Access III LIBR 302 Classroom or Online
Big Data & Analytics CMPN 128 Classroom
Bing! Bang! Boom! (Gr. 4-6) YCMP 022 Classroom
Biology I BIOL 181 Classroom or Online
Biology II BIOL 182 Classroom or Online
Black and White Darkroom Lab Time PHOT 001 Classroom
Black and White Darkroom Techniques PHOT 210 Classroom
Black and White Darkroom Techniques Advanced PHOT 215 Classroom
Black Box Practical Exam FDPR 412 Classroom
BLS Instructor CPRS 007 Classroom
BLS Provider (Level C) CPR CPRS 212 Classroom
BLS Provider (Level C) CPR CPRS 001 Classroom
BLS Renewal (Level C) CPR CPRS 222 Classroom
BLS Renewal (Level C) CPR CPRS 002 Classroom
Blueprint Reading BLPR 201 Online
Blueprint Reading BLPR 003
Body Systems and Health Conditions ANPH 101 Classroom
Body Systems and Pharmaceutical Implications 2 PHAR 227 Classroom
Body Systems and Pharmaceutical Implications 3 PHAR 236 Classroom
Bone Mineral Densitometry APPH 110 Online
Brand Management MKTG 306 Classroom or Online
British Columbia Mineral Land Administration LAND 164 Classroom or Online
Building Code I CODE 233 Classroom
Building Codes CODE 254 Classroom or Online
Building Codes CODE 105 Classroom or Online
Building Collaborative Team Relations MNGT 107 Classroom
Building Leadership Skills LDSH 006 Classroom
Building Moisture Control CNST 227 Classroom or Online
Building Moisture Control CNST 001 Classroom or Online
Building Rapport through Teamwork LDSH 002 Classroom
Building Structures I CIVL 2020
Business Analysis for Business Intelligence Applications MMGT 205 Classroom
Business Analytics for Business Intelligence DATA 210 Classroom
Business and Professional Skills for TIM MGMT 280 Classroom
Business Case Management I MNGT 136 Online
Business Case Management II MNGT 137 Classroom
Business Communications COMM 209 Classroom or Online
Business Communications COMM 1030 Classroom
Business Component Development with EJB Technology, Java EE7 CPRG 113 Classroom
Business Development MKTG 366 Classroom or Online
Business Development MKTG 365 Classroom/Online Combinations
Business Imaging Technology MMGT 284 Classroom or Online
Business Intelligence Architecture and Design DATA 212 Classroom
Business Intelligence for Performance Management DATA 211 Classroom
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