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Mechanical Engineering Technology Majors

School of Manufacturing and Automation

The Mechanical Engineering Technology (MET) program is a practical, hands-on, two-year diploma program that lets you develop strong technical, analytical, and problem solving skills essential for a range of exciting careers in the challenging field of mechanical engineering.

During the common first year, you will be exposed to a variety of topics including foundational math and physics, Computer Aided Design (CAD), and additional specialized courses to prepare you to enter into one of three specialized majors. Upon successful completion of the common first year, selection of your major will occur. Although SAIT will attempt to help students complete the program major of their choice, grade point average after the first year will be used in the selection criteria for each major.

Design and Analysis:

Design and Analysis represents the design process of mechanical systems that requires analytical skills and knowledge to verify a design concept and its functionality.

Design and Development:

Design and Development represents the design process of consumer products that requires market research, visual and applied creativity.

Design and Automation:

Design and Automation represents the design process that requires a logical approach to design, troubleshoot, control, and optimize a variety of systems and processes.

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