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Available Accommodations and Services

Students with documented disabilities or health conditions may be eligible for a number of accommodations and services. The type of accommodation and service is dependent on the nature of the documented disability or health condition. The accommodation or service is intended to remove barriers related to the functional limitation of the disability or health condition. Below lists common accommodations and services that may be provided for eligible students.

Classroom accommodations and services

  • Use of adaptive devices (e.g. FM systems; spell checkers)
  • Use of oral and sign language interpreters
  • A record of class (e.g. instructor presentation, recording, or copy of classmate's notes)
  • Special seating and preferential seating location
  • Breaks during class-time
  • Use of adaptive technology in the classroom and labs

Adaptive technology

The following technology is available in Accessibility Services:

  • High speed scanner
  • Screen reading software (JAWS; Kurzweil; TextHelp)
  • Screen magnification software with speech (Zoom Text)
  • Franklin Language Master
  • FM transmitter/receiver system
  • Digital recorders
  • Electronic spell checkers

Exam accommodations

  • Extended exam time
  • Distraction-reduced environments
  • Exams divided into sections (e.g. to permit breaks)
  • Environments where student may walk around or lie down
  • Alternate exam formats (e.g. taped or electronic) for all or portions of the exam
  • Use of adaptive technology or software (e.g. spell checkers, calculators, computers, JAWS, ZoomText, Kurzweil, TextHelp)
  • Digital Reader

If you need to book an exam, please contact Accessibility Services by phone 403.774.5093, email accessibility.services@sait.ca, or visit MC221, Stan Grad Centre.

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