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What is the SAIT eCard?

Your SAIT eCard is your official SAIT identification (ID) card, allowing you to load funds for on-campus purchases to eat and shop on campus, printing, access to facilities and more.

Who can get a SAIT eCard?

All current students qualify to receive a SAIT eCard, but must meet the eligibility requirements to use the Reg Erhardt Library, Wellness Centre and UPass.

When can I get my SAIT eCard?

You can pick up your SAIT eCard six weeks before your course or program start date. You must be registered in class to be eligible to pick up your SAIT eCard.

What identification is required to get a SAIT eCard?

You must have at least one piece of government issued photo identification (e.g. a driver's license, provincial identification or a passport.)

Can I have a nickname printed on my SAIT eCard?

No. Your legal first and last name are printed on your eCard. They must match your government issued photo ID.

How do I deposit money onto my SAIT eCard?

You can deposit money onto your SAIT eCard in five easy ways:

  • visit the card office in the Bookstore (cash, credit and debit accepted;)
  • visit the Phil Station across from the Bookstore (cash accepted;)
  • online at SAIT eAccounts (credit accepted;)
  • download the Blackboard Transact Mobile eAccounts app (for Apple or Android) (credit accepted**;) or
  • convert 35,000 Aeroplan Miles for a $250 deposit on your card.

** You must first register and save a payment method online at SAIT eAccounts before using the mobile app.

How does SAIT eAccounts work?

You can login to SAIT eAccounts to perform the following functions:

  • First time registration on the eAccounts system enables you to use the Blackboard Transact Mobile eAccounts app for iPhone or Android.
  • Add funds to your card using a credit card.
  • Use the "guest deposit" option for family members to add funds to your account.
  • Check your account balance and activity.
  • Report a lost or stolen card 24/7 to stop financial activity on your account.

Where can I find the phone mobile app?

Use the Apple or Android phone mobile apps to deposit funds and manage your SAIT eCard account. Search for the Blackboard Transact app in the iTunes or Play Store or follow the below links:

You must first save a payment method online at SAIT eAccounts in order to make future deposits to your card via the phone app. 

How can I check my current balance on my card?

You can check your balance at the Phil Station (kiosk located in front of the Bookstore), at any vendor across campus or on your personal eAccount either online or on the mobile app (please see above information advising about how to set up an eAccount.)

Where is the card office?

The card office is located in MB106, Stan Grad Centre, inside the SAIT Bookstore. You can load funds onto your account for use at SAIT, inquire about your balance and obtain the latest information about SAIT eCard services available to you. 

What do I do if I forget my password?

Visit the SAIT eCard Office with proper photo identification to have it updated or reset your password at SAIT eAccounts or via the mobile app. 

What should I do if I'm having problems with my SAIT eCard?

If you are experiencing difficulties with your eCard or eCommerce account, please contact the card office immediately at card.office@sait.ca or 403.774.5296. 

To dispute a recent transaction, contact the card office within 14 days of the suspicious activity. 

What if my SAIT eCard is lost, damaged or stolen?

You can deactivate your card if it is lost or stolen at SAIT eAccounts or via the mobile app. This will deactivate your SAIT eCard immediately. 

You can also report your eCard lost or stolen by sending an email to card.office@sait.ca with the subject line "Lost my SAIT eCard." Your SAIT eCard will be put on hold the following business day. You must still notify the Library, Wellness Centre and other applicable SAIT locations. 

To replace your SAIT eCard, visit the card office or Office of the Registrar with a piece of government issued photo ID. Once you have purchased a replacement card, your old card will be permanently deactivated.

If your SAIT eCard is found before you replace it, you cannot reactivate it by phone or email — you must visit the card office in person. Due to security issues or possible fraudulent use, you cannot keep your old card if you have already replaced it.

Damaged, stolen or lost SAIT eCards will be replaced for a fee of $25. The only exception is when a card needs to be upgraded or is older than four years. There is an additional Calgary Transit fee for replacing the UPass sticker (if you had one.)

SAIT eCards that have malfunctioned with be evaluated and replaced free of charge.

Does the balance on my previous card transfer to my new SAIT eCard?

Yes, the money will transfer over automatically when you receive a new card.

If I make a deposit onto my SAIT eCard using my credit card, is it considered a purchase or cash advance?

Deposits to your SAIT eCard account are treated as purchases.

Can I withdraw cash from my SAIT eCard account?

Cash withdrawals are not allowed from your SAIT eCard.

What happens to my account at the end of the year?

Your account balance will automatically carry over to the next year and you may continue to use your SAIT eCard.

Refunds will only be made if your relationship with SAIT ends, such as when you graduate. Upon your email request to the card office, account balances greater than $100 will be refunded within ten business days and sent to your address on file in the Office of the Registrar. Refunds will only be issued on user account deposits. Your account will then be deactivated by the card office. Reactivation will be allowed only after a replacement card fee is paid.

If your account has no activity for a period of two years it will be deactivated. Funds will be credited back to your SAIT eCard account in full if the deactivated account is reinstated at a later date.

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