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Campus Security

Creating a safe, secure learning environment not only contributes to individual excellence, it also provides all visitors to SAIT's campuses the opportunity to enjoy all of the facilities and services available to them.

Uniformed security services at SAIT are provided by Paladin Security Group, a full-service security company with 26 years experience and a specialization in institutional settings with a primary focus on campus environments.

Emergency: 403.284.8000
(learn more about SAIT's Emergency Response Plan)

Non-emergency: 403.284.8530 or 403.210.4357 (HELP)
(on-campus escorts, room openings, thefts, break-ins, vandalism)

Location: Q100, Eugene Coste building, SAIT Main Campus

Campus Security provides:

  • Trained, uniformed patrols and radio dispatched call response
  • Closed circuit television monitoring (CCTV)
  • Access control
  • First aid and medical assistance 
  • Alarm response
  • Immediate emergency response
  • Crime prevention and detection
  • Incident and complaint investigation
  • Safety escorts
  • Wayfinding services
  • Lost and found services

In addition, if you prefer walking on campus at night escorted, you can contact Campus Security and they will escort you to any place you want to go within the SAIT campus. If you need to be escorted anywhere off-campus, you can contact the SAIT Student's Association (SAITSA) volunteer organization, SAFEWALK.

SAIT is proud of the level of safety it has established on its campuses. When it comes to personal security, SAIT believes in full transparency. View the table on this page for monthly statistics of incidents relating to SAIT's campuses, or view the links below for additional information:

Year-to-Date Statistics (2016-2017): cumulative statistics on incidents occurring on SAIT's campuses.

Person Incidents:
Assault 1
Harassment/Threats 2
Disorderly Conduct/Disturbance 4
Sexual Assault 0
Robbery 0
Firearms/Weapons 0
Medical 14
Drugs 11
Gaming and Liquor Violations 0
Trespassing 12
Emergency Help 27
Property Incidents:
Breaking and Entering 0
Mischief (private property) 0
Mischief (SAIT property) 0
Theft (private property) 11
Theft (SAIT property) 3
Vehicle Break-in 7
Possession of Stolen Property 0
Theft of Vehicle 0
Forgery/Fraud 0
Motor Vehicle Accident/Driving Offenses 0
Property Damage 7
Infrastructure Incidents:
Fire/Smoke Alarm 2
Bomb Threat 0
Fire/Explosion/Hazardous Material/Natural Disaster 0
Industrial Accident/Occupation Helath 0
Calls for Service 17
Power Failure 0
Personal Safety Escorts 5

Health, Safety and Environment Services

Health, Safety and Environment Services supports safe, secure and environmentally sound working and learning environments at SAIT. We assist the SAIT community in preventing work-related injuries and illness. We investigate all occupational health, safety and environmental concerns brought to our attention. Learn how you can report a safety concern or injury on campus.